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The Bobbin Saver

Many years ago, Bobo discovered that the fastest way to get my attention was to knock stuff off my sewing table. Few things make quite as much of a racket as a plastic case filled with metal bobbins hitting a hardwood floor and exploding open. And then there was the fun part of crawling around on the floor to find all the runaway bobbins while the cats played floor hockey with them.

So that went on for a couple of years…

Then I came across the Bobbin Saver at my local sewing shop and they’re the perfect cat-proof bobbin case! The bobbins are held in really well so there is no explosion of bobbins when this hits the ground, and the rubber ring is a lot less noisy than a plastic box hitting the floor.

You can find the Bobbin Saver on Amazon in a variety of colors. I highly recommend them even if you don’t have a bratty cat that likes to test gravity!


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Welcome! And Tip #1

What are Kraftsy Kitties?

We’re three friends who happen to love being creative and also cat mommies at the same time.  Maybe this isn’t too surprising because we’re pretty sure there is a pretty high correlation between people who are into sewing, crafting, and DIY,  and those who happen to love having fuzzy monsters in their lives.  Kitties in particular!  Maybe there’s something to that ideas that you and your pet become more alike over time; stuff like wanting to play with yarn and thread!

Anyhow, so any other pet parents/crafters notice that there’s some things you just have to do differently when living with a fuzzy monster? (be it a cat, dog…or small child.  Face it, there’s a lot of similar personality traits between all those things.)   Things like investing in tools that don’t get knocked over easily, storage bins you can’t open without working opposable  thumbs, ways of protecting materials from the insidious creep of pet hair.

We hope that our collective experiences will be helpful to anyone else out there with kitties and crafts in mind!  And, that you’ll share your experiences and tips with us! 😀

So tip #1 – (and one I’m sure all cat lovers know!)
Try not to leave any loose fabric around on any horizontal surfaces.  Loose fabric becomes a cat magnet. Also a cat hair magnet after this happens:

this is murder on fabrics that don’t match the kitty.

Makes you think about only investing in things the same color as the kitty, right?

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