D.I.Y. magnetic pin cushion/findings holder

30 Jul

In the last post, AJ showed off the usefulness of a magnetic pin cushion.   In addition to increased pet safety, I find that it seems awfully handy and much more HUMAN-safe as well to be able to drop your pin in the vicinity of the container and have it just go to the right spot!  How many times have you been sewing and in a groove and found it a hassle to remove pins and have to take your attention away from the machine to put the pin in the right spot?

The idea of magnets helping out clumsy people like me is a great idea!  So I thought I would try to expand on the idea with a simple DIY case that I could take with me many places, as I’m often crafting at fellow Krafty Kitties’ houses!

1. Magnets and a container of your choice.  I got these from Joanne’s for about $5 total.  This little plastic container is actually a bead container and screws into a stack of four.  But what I really wanted was a container with a lid.






2, Cut out two pieces of cloth to match the size of your container.  Great way to use up scraps!  And maybe some pinked edges for both the cuteness factor and to keep the edges from fraying.

It is helpful to make one piece slightly larger than the other, which I totally didn’t do here and wish I did!







3. Lay out your magnets.  If you have rare earth magnets which are super strong, you’ll only need one.  I used 3 to make sure I have enough magnetic power, and a bit of tape to hold them in position as they have a tendency to flip over onto themselves.







4. Stitch the two matching pieces of cloth together.  This is where one piece being larger than the other really helps out, because you’ll need that piece ON TOP – and what with needing to cover a three dimensional object it will make it easier to have the edges match up.







5. Drop your magnet packet into place and affix with glue.  And bam!  A nice little place to drop your pins.









6. Look Mom, no spills!

I look forward to taking this little container with me for portable sewing, I feel more secure because I can screw on the lid and drop it into my carrying bag.
The 4 stack of containers could be very useful this way for one’s beading collection of head pins, clasps, and jump rings. You can keep them all separate and don’t have to worry them all spilling out all over the place with the inevitable bump-off-the table.

I hope this tutorial has been helpful! 🙂  Any other uses for magnets you can think of?  Please share!

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Posted by on July 30, 2012 in DIY, Tools & Accessories


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