Fun with scraps: a frog costume for kitty!

13 Aug

Out of the three of us, I probably have the cat that’s most tolerant of us humans. Monty’s already made a couple rounds on the Cheezburger network and because of his amazing patience with me:






When it comes to crafting, one of the things I love doing most is making things from free fabric, such as scrap/remnants, samples, or even just stuff left over from other projects. As they say, the best things in life are FREE!

The unfortunate thing is that most scraps and sample remnants aren’t big enough to be used as anything person-sized.  But if you have a very tolerant cat, you can make adorable kitty costumes!

So for today’s project, I gathered up some green-colored short-pile plush fabric from some of my old stuffed animals, plus leftover olive green/slate colored fabric from one of my cocktail dress projects. I also had some leftover black felt and white felt scraps that I used to make a DIY dishwasher “dirty/clean” flippable sign a long time ago.





Hmmmm…black, white, and green..time to make a froggie hat for Monty!!!

First I made a mock-up from some pink taffeta, left over from my victorian dress project. I’ve never made a hood before, much less a hood for a cat, so it took a few tries. The best fabric to try mocking something out is probably cotton (i.e. muslin) or at least something a little softer, but again, I love using leftovers!


Once I got the pattern ironed out, I cut the shapes out of the plush fabric. There are two darts in the hood for a snug fit around cat faces, and two open V-shapes you sew together to create the 3D hood. I cut out the same set of shapes out of the olive/slate fabric for the lining.


To make the eye holes, I cut out 4 circles with tabs on the bottom. The tabs are so I can sew them to the hood. I used a hot glue gun to glue two circles back to back and give it some reinforcement. I cut smaller circles out of black felt for the eyeballs and glued those in too.

Sew all darts and lines together, then pin together (wrong sides facing each other) and sew. Be sure to leave enough space near the back of the hood so that you can turn the whole thing inside out!


Somehow I even convinced Elton to wear it for a little bit.  Ok ok, it did involve a little bit of bribery with treats.

I feel like I must put a disclaimer here – when your cat has had enough of your shenanigans, he’s had enough. Please don’t force your cat to wear a costume if he’s truly against it, especially if it frightens him!

For those who want to attempt this pattern, I’ve included it as a PDF download 🙂 Happy sewing!

Froggie Hat for Kitty (1.2MB PDF)

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One response to “Fun with scraps: a frog costume for kitty!

  1. Jeff

    August 13, 2012 at 2:56 pm

    Heeeeeeeeeeeeee that hat is soooo cutteeeeeee~


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