Fabric Organizers

20 Aug

Many years ago, I moved from storing fabric on shelves to storing them in bins. The move was somewhat necessitated by my fabric stash getting too big for my shelves, but it also helps that storing fabric in bins means that significantly less cat hair gets on the fabrics.

Well… usually there is less cat hair on my binned fabrics…

One problem I had with storing fabrics in bins though was that there never seemed to be an efficient way to find anything. Trying to find a specific fabric usually involved completely emptying at least 2 bins because I couldn’t remember where I had stored it. Or maybe I had to empty 3-4 bins just to see if I had a fabric that would work for whatever project I had in mind.

The real solution would have been to buy less fabric but that never really worked out for me…

Instead I found an organizational solution to my dilemma:  Fabric Organizers!

Fabric Organizers are rectangle boards for winding fabric on to. It’s so simple a concept yet it never occurred to me to organize my fabric this way! You can achieve the same effect by cutting pieces of foamcore or cardboard, but I was in a time crunch to get my fabric organized and moved into the garage, so being able to purchase the Fabric Organizers ended up being a total life-saver.

I measured each piece of fabric before I wound it onto a board and added a note. It helps to be able to see right away if a piece is big enough for whatever project I am working on.

So now my fabric bins are stored in the garage and the fabric organizers make it really easy for me to find what I need.

I would note that this system is definitely not the most efficient use of space in a bin, but the ease of use more than makes up for it.

Even if you don’t end up using Fabric Organizers, I would recommend some sort of “fabric on cards” organizational system if you have a huge stash of fabric. It makes finding and moving around fabric so much easier!

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