Home made cat donuts :) (beta testing version)

17 Sep

Has everyone out here seen the pictures of incredibly cute cat donuts floating around the interwebs recently?  Just type “cat donuts” into Google or Pinterest and you’ll see tons of pictures of these guys.  Wow!  Trust the Japanese to continue to make incredibly cute things that I would have serious guilt over eating!  (And not just because I always feel guilty about the unhealthiness about fried things coated in sugar.)
AJ brought these adorable guys to my attention and suggested that we try making our own!
So, honestly, deep frying kind of scares me.  Wei-ling has a deep fryer but all that boiling oil makes me pretty nervous.  The home cook’s alternative to deep frying are baked donuts.  I borrowed a co-worker’s donut pans and set to work.  Here’s how they turned out!


1. I used a recipe from King Arthur Flour – I have had great results with their whole wheat flours and this was no exception.  I used 100% whole wheat pastry for the donuts and they really did turn out with a great texture.  The batter was quick thick, more like a muffin batter in consistency.  These will be more like the “cake like” donuts verses the Krispy Kreme kind, but even though I didn’t do a 50./50 of all purpose flour with the pastry flour, they turned out nice and soft and had a real donut shape.

2. Now the tricky part.  I almost never ice or frost my baked goods because I don’t really like gooey things on top of my delicious cake.  You can tell I don’t really do this a lot.  I thought I’d try a simple sugar glaze, the type you’d make for a gingerbread house.  I started with 1 cup of powdered sugar and added water 1 tablespoon at a time to get it to the right consistency.  (About 3.5 tablespoons.)  Then I dunked the donut it.

3. Ok,  Here’s where things where pretty wonky.  Once the glaze started to try, it turned really transparent.,  So I started to dunk them in repeatedly and the icing started to drip everywhere and boy, that icing goes fast.  I ended up using like the whole box of powered sugar for 12 donuts.  Healthiness fail…

4. And then the chocolate chip ears go on….I’m pretty sure that in the original donuts these guys have chocolate chip ears.  But with a much BETTER icing that coats and holds everything down and isn’t all transparent and is smooth.  I texted a picture to AJ, at which point she did say that well..these would be some super SPECIAL cats.  Like how Igor or Frankenstein were kind of special, with weird lumps all over them.

At this point, I just hoped and some frosting faces would save them!


Whew.  Kind of saved.

Round 2 of kitty donuts will have to include different flavors and nailing down a good icing.  Still, I think these turned out pretty cute in the end…even the one I forgot to take a picture of until I took a bite.  Cute or sad?



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