Random kitty tips, featuring Monty as your host

24 Sep


Did that just make your Monday better? Poor Monty is such a good sport about these things 🙂 I recently became aware of, and since Monty is already a repeat star on, I figured he might be interested in expanding his repertoire!

We had such a scare with him recently! We had to take him to the pet hospital due to what’s just referred to generally as a urinary tract blockage. Causes are still uncertain, but there seem to be many links to environmental stress and kitties getting U/T blockages.

Monty was part of that majority in which had no idea why he suddenly was unable to “go” – but after a few days at the hospital on a special diet (and a catheter, poor boy), he was able to come home. Elton missed him soooo much!

Monty and his new haircut last April

There’s actually a lot of things you can do to keep your cat healthy that fall in line with things to keep YOU healthy as well (and sane). For example, every summer we give Monty his summer hair cut. That involves going to his local groomer and paying for a “lion” cut – they shave off everything except his feet, his face, and the tip of his tail.

It takes about 6-8 months for the fur to grow back, but during that time, EVERYONE is happier:

We are happier because he’s not shedding long hairs everywhere, or trailing litter and dust everywhere in his wake. Some long hair cats give up on grooming themselves because it’s just too hard to do – this means unfortunately that their fur coat gets pretty icky, and subsequently anything they touch with their icky fur coat gets icky as well. It was especially gross when he came bounding out of the litter box after doing his business.

Monty is also happier when he’s a shorthair cat because he can groom himself, and he’s less hot during the summer! When the temperatures rose, Monty would become a puddle on the floor, unwilling to play or do anything because of the heat. With his kitty haircut, he’s actively playing with Elton throughout the day.

So I definitely recommend a summer haircut for all long hair kitties who need a little assistance keeping themselves clean! A clean kitty is a healthy kitty (and happy kitty parents).

To end this generally random post, Monty would like me to recommend a fantastic tool for web designers and developers that I found via a coworker this past week:!

If you ever find yourself designing your own website or blog, and want to use something as placeholder images while you’re coding, try a placekitten!

Elton says “Please use for your web design needs, so Lorelai stops trying to put our faces in bread slices…”

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