Keeping your books and workstation hair free

15 Oct

Hey folks, Happy Kraftsy Kitty Monday!

How can you say no to that face?

I’m really excited about today’s post, which is two related tips about keeping stuff cat hair free!

Do you have a desk dedicated to your computer workstation? Most people do these days. The fiance and I both have dedicated office space with our computers – a desktop computer, and an LCD monitor. We both spend a large amount of time at our computers, which mean our cats love to spend it with us. As soon as we got the cats, we noticed that our computer desks got increasingly dusty and hairy – and no wonder, considering where our cats like to hang out with us!

We tried to just clean up and wipe down our desks more often, but with all the peripherals and the LCD monitors sitting on our desks, this was tedious and annoying. Additionally, my primary monitor is a Wacom Cintiq tablet (an artist tool) – which is extremely heavy and has a ton of large wires coming out from the back of it. Moving it is no trivial task, so cleaning around it is very annoying!

I figured if I could at least keep all the LCD monitors off the desk, it would be a lot easier to wipe down the desk in one go, since we wouldn’t have to maneuver between all the monitors. At first I thought about mounting the LCD monitors to the wall, but that wouldn’t work for my Wacom Cintiq, since I have to maneuver it around and work on it with a stylus.

Enter the Ergotron – an LCD stand that has a flexible arm. I bought three of them and mounted all three of our LCD monitors to our desk. The absolute best thing about this is the flexibility – we can change the height, pitch, and direction its facing at any time! That means easier dualscreening as well: I mounted an LCD in the middle of the table, and I move the Wacom Cintiq to the side when I want to just play some computer games.

So, not only can we configure the three monitors between us however we please – we can wipe the table in only a few seconds, keeping it cat hair and dust free easily!

Three LCD’s mounted with Ergotron arms. The center LCD is hooked up to my computer (on the right).

Another view of the normal rig.

Gaming mode: I move the Wacom Cintiq to the side and use the LCD as my primary monitor.

We applied a similar concept downstairs: We used to have an open IKEA shelf that was very sturdy, but unfortunately it was placed against the wall just against the stairs. Our kitties LOVE racing up and down the stairs, and as time went on a layer of kitty dust and hair would accumulate on the shelves (and everything on the shelves!)

Open shelf: 100% messy looking, 100% kitty-hair coated.

Solution? Well, you can’t prevent the hair – but again, you can make it easier to clean! We went to IKEA and bought various types of their BILLY line bookshelves. This modular shelving line is so easy to assemble and so simply stylish!

The key is to get the accompanying doors – we decided to go with the doors that were half opaque, half glass. That way, we can show off some shelf items on the top, but hide messier things behind solid doors on the bottom.

So much neater, and much more space available as well! As our collection of books/movies/board games grow, we can also add to our BILLY shelves with their modular additions!

Moral of this post: You can’t avoid cat hair. We shave one of our cats yearly, and he still can’t help but shed all over the house. What you CAN do, however, is make the cleanup a lot easier on yourself – and I hope you’ll find the tips today helpful for doing so!

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