About Us

AJ | D | Lorelai


I’m primarily a costumer that occasionally ventures into making regular clothing, and I like to dabble in other craftsy activities. I am the mommy of 2 rather large rambunctious cats named Yoyo (the brown tabby) and Bobo (the russian blue). 


I’m kind of an ADD hobbyist on lots of stuff.  A little bit of drawing, writing, learning how to sew and lots of gardening and little house to-dos.  There’s an orange tabby supervisor named Otoro keeping an eye on all of this.  I do live in his castle, after all.


I live and breathe visual design and digital illustration and work in the gaming industry! When my creative juices get depleted, I turn to other kraftsy obsessions: making pretty girl things to wear, woodworking, interior decoration, or collabing on iOS games. I’m claimed by two scruffy mutts named Elton, a sandy orange tabby, and Monty, who seems to be partly maine coon.


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