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Magnetic Pin Cushion

Today’s tip is not really profound, but I’ve found it indispensable: Get a magnetic pin cushion!¬†They’re very affordable if you wait for a 50% off notions sale at JoAnns, or use a coupon.

Thankfully, Yoyo and Bobo are not “steal the tomato pin cushion” type cats but I have a lot of costumer friends who have cats like that. They say that their cats like to run off with the little tomatoes, or sit there and pull all the pins out of them. Scary! What happens if the kitty swallows a pin by accident?

A magnetic pin cushion is too heavy to be carried off and generally, the pins lay flat on it, so cats are not as likely to be able to get a hold of them. I also find that magnetic pin cushions are kind of a time saver because you can just lay the pin on the pin cushion and it stays. I find having to stop what I’m doing to stab pins into a tomato pin cushion really aggravating, but that might just be me. (You’ll discover as you read our blog that I am an incredibly lazy sewer and I’m game for anything that makes my life easier.)

And because today’s post was kind of skimpy, I’m going to post a bunch of kitty photos!

My “assistants” that always show up when I’m laying out fabric for cutting.

Yoyo: looking as clueless as ever.

Bobo: the mighty stuffed mouse hunter.

What is it with kitties and boxes?

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