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Bitter YUCK! spray

ooo….one day

I was surfing around the internets looking at and drooling over beautiful sewing rooms.  In an ideal world I’d have a gorgeously decorated and organized sewing area too, with space for cutting and lots of light and everything in its place!  Of course in an ideal world I’d have perfect skin and be able to hold my own in educated conversations about the current geopolitical situation and its impact on environmental health too!

But I noticed that even in something as beautiful as this – isn’t 100% catproof.  Specifically – power cords.

When I got into full sewing mode a few weeks ago working on a particular dress, I dragged my kitchen table over to the living room to be able to have the tv on while sewing.  While it made my living room an absolute wreck and unfit for company, the main problem was having the sewing machine power cord trail l off the table to the table behind.  That tempting cord that was now waving around in the wind proved irresistible to my cat.

I’ve heard of kittens in particular liking to gnaw on power cords and my friend’s kitten once sent herself to the emergency room overnight and my friend to tears with this habit.  Not all cats grow out of it and while mine doesn’t make it a huge habit or anything he took a few test nibbles on the power cord recently.  I totally freaked out because I thought he might end up frying himself the second I stepped away.  Enter in the solution: Bitter YUCK! spray. It leaves a non-toxic but nasty tasting residue on the cord that cats (and dogs) don’t like.  He took one more sniff and then left the cord alone!

This ought to work as well on general household things if your pet has a chewing fixation, and I did test this spray on something else first and it didn’t leave a stain.  So huzzah!!  A product that mutually assures the safety of both your pet and your household items.

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